Hi and welcome to my blogsite.

I guess if there's one thing that I find  boring, it must be the self introduction. Given the fact that there's nothing special to mention about me. I am just an ordinary woman, but for the sake of introducing myself, then allow me to share a bit part of me. I am a Filipina, born and raised in Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines. Typical aries, self proclaimed toxic. A PICU nurse and BLS Instructor by profession, frustrated artist, photographer wanna be, mother of 2 kids, and wife to my loving husband. Reading, writing, blogging and talking makes me a lively soul. 

I consider this photoblog as a memoir of my photographic journey. I will post anything and everything under the sun...no specific genre but I find shooting landscape somewhat fulfilling. Most of the photos posted in this blogsite are mundane subjects shot on a whim most of the time, so don't expect to see awe inspiring monochrome photos but in case you find it acceptable, allow me to say thank you.